Mugs 11 oz Rim & Handle

Our Rim and Handle colored mugs are perfect when you need to match images and themes to the color of the mug. These vibrant mugs feature a colored handle and matching top rim. Available in Black, Blue, Maroon, Green, Yellow, Red, Cambridge Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Light Green, Pink. 
These ceramic mugs are coated with ORCA* sublimation coating providing superb color reproduction and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

PMS (Pantone Matching System) Color Equivalents: •Black: 21121-1, PMS Black •Blue: 21122-1, PMS 2755C •Maroon: 21123-1, PMS 195C •Green: 21124-1, PMS 561C •Yellow: 21125-1, PMS 458C •Red: 21126-1, PMS 200C •Cambridge Blue: PMS 2727C •Light Blue: 21128-1, PMS 299C Orange: 21129-1, PMS 1665C •Light Green: 21130-1, PMS 367C •Pink: 21131-1, PMS 508C